To share our love of wine and hospitality, while offering a hometown location to meet new and old friends.

Images below embody our vision for furnishing the wine bar.  They are not actual images from the future location.

Fig & Vine will provide high-quality, yet affordable wines paired with beautiful charcuterie boards in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Fig & Vine will offer events including pairings and tastings, educational experiences, musical guests, and even private parties to Gretna and the surrounding communities.

Fig & Vine

The name and mission of Fig & Vine is derived from a Scriptural foundation and one of the most famous people to quote this passage, George Washington.

They shall all sit under their own vines, under their own fig trees, undisturbed;
(Micah 4:4)

Our founding father’s use of this Scripture was in reference to the peace one feels when in the comfort of their own home or property as well as the success achieved after working hard and being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We want you to come relax and enjoy the company of others at our Fig & Vine. We want you to appreciate their opportunity to gather and relax after a hard day, in the community in which you live. We want you to invite their friends and family to relax with them.

And, who doesn’t love Hamilton?
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackson singing “One Last Time” makes this Scripture even more poignant!